Godefroi de Bouillon Knights Templar Preceptory No 42 Celebrate in Style.

Following the end of the first world war members of Godefroi de Bouillon Preceptory held a Peace Festival on the 9th December 1919. As this was such an important event it was decided to have a Black-Tie Centenary Celebration 100 years to the day of the initial festival. Tickets were priced at 30 guineas and many brethren could be seen trying to reconcile how much that related to in “real” money of today. The Brother Knights and their wives were treated to an excellent meal and entertainment of the sort that would have been available to our predecessors at that time. Initially partaking of a welcome drink and a variety of Canapes before moving to the dining room where they were entertained throughout the meal by a violin soloist who performed a variety of classical pieces much to everyone’s enjoyment. The meal was hearty, and filling and the finale was the selection of sweets which the ladies were invited to have the first choice, before the men were able to allow their sweet tooth to take over. Charity as ever was on the agenda for the evening and numerous raffle prizes resulted in the generation of a goodly sum to be dispersed to our charities.

At the original Peace Festival a jewel was produced to commemorate the event, not to be outdone this was replicated and many Bro Kts can now be seen wearing the lapel badge presented on the evening.

At the close of the evening everyone was provided with a slice of the Remembrance cake which had been baked specially for the occasion.

Unfortunately the night had to end, and the measure of its success was that no one departed for a considerable after the formalities had ended.